I’m a scanning electron microscope lab technician at the Department of Geology at Amherst College. Here, I work with student and faculty researchers to understand the topology and chemistry of their samples.

I’m also a geochemistry PhD candidate at the University of Maine, working in the Department of Earth and Climate and the Climate Change Institute, advised by Karl Kreutz. I am keenly interested in how the Earth has changed through time, and the impact humans have made on the environment. Currently, I examine the history of volcanic and anthropogenic aerosols (mainly Pb) as it impacts in Arctic. To do this, I study Alaskan ice cores. This research is a part of a collaborative effort across New England (University of Maine, Dartmouth, Colby, and University of New Hampshire) to understand the impacts of natural and anthropogenic climate change in the North Pacific throughout the last ~12,000 years.

When I am not studying geochemistry, I like to crochet, go on bike rides and restore steam locomotives.