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These R codes allow EPMA data upload in .csv format directly to a database such as PostgreSQL or Maria.


Struggling to work with electron microprobe (EMP), electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) or electron micro probe analyzer (EMPA) results exported as .csv files? These helpful scripts import all your data directly to a database such as PostgreSQL or Maria, where it can be collated with all the other data collected on the sample.


The code is written to be compatible with files produced from a Cameca SX-100. Specifically, this code has been written with the (UMaine Electron Microprobe Laboratory) in mind. The code is easily edittable to be adapted to other EPMA machine/software outputs.


This code requires .csv input of probe data.


R Libraries

  • tidyverse
  • openxlsx
  • DBI
  • dplyr
  • stringr
  • dotenv


If you experience issues with the code, support can be sought by emailing [email protected].

Authors and acknowledgment

Written by Hanna L Brooks and Camden G Bock. Last update: 2023.


Code is licensed with a MIT License. See license section for more information.