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This script was written for a unique set of data for the Denali Ice Core project that happened to have data from inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), ion chromotography (IC), and continuous-flow analysis (CFA) together in a single .csv. The R scripts work to succently upload the data directly to a database such as PostgreSQL or Maria.


The codes are written to be compatible with files produced from:

  • Thermo Scientific Element 2 high-resolution sector field ICP-MS
  • Thermo Scientific Element XR high-resolution sector field ICP-MS
  • Dionex ICS5000 capillary ion chromatograph
  • Koltz Abakus laser particle detector
  • Amber Science conductivity

The code is easily edittable to be adapted to other machine/software outputs.

Future Work:

  • Need to write individual parse scripts that can handle each instrument analysis type individually


This code allows IC, CFA, and ICPMS data saved as .csv format to be uploaded to a database with few lines of code.


R Libraries

  • tidyverse
  • DBI
  • naniar
  • progress
  • dotenv
  • purrr


If you experience issues with the code, support can be sought by emailing [email protected].

Authors and acknowledgment

Written by Hanna L Brooks and Camden G Bock. Last update: 2022.


Code is licensed with a MIT License. See license section for more information.